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2085: The Aeon War

Since humanity unlocked secrets of the universe never meant for them to know, the doomsday clock has quickened. With unlimited energy, a newfound understanding of the cosmos allowing powers that one can only call magic, and new, incredibly powerful para-psychics with inherent control over the first four dimensions, you’d think that there isn’t much that could stand against us.

You’d be wrong.

The stars have aligned, the end is nigh. The Migou, a race of unfathomable, insectoid aliens from Pluto who’ve watched us with mild, condescending amusement since we first learned to walk were not very happy the day we discovered D-engine technology, a means of harvesting free energy from the rifts between dimensions—a technology that even THEY had never figured out, in all their millions of years of existence.

In an effort to keep their existence veiled in case their efforts to reduce humanity back to the dark ages went south, they created a fearsome clone army of a race they dubbed the Nazzadi to fight for them. Black skinned, silver haired, with pointed incisors and glowing red eyes, the Nazzadi were created to tap into humanity’s most primal fears.

Telling only a small handful of firstborns of the truth about their origins, the Migou instructed these elites to teach the army that they came from a proud, galactic empire, a space faring warrior race come to conquer earth and claim it as their own.

Earth, with their newfound technology and unlimited energy, was going through a technological revolution, and an arms race between the world powers was brewing. A strange effect of the D-engine is that a person piloting something powered by a D-engine feels as though the machine were a part of their body. To maximize the usefulness of this effect, the world’s armies created Mecha, humanoid shaped machines that replaced fighter planes and tanks as the military’s primary firepower.

Having stolen the D-engine technology, the Migou armed the Nazzadi with Mecha and “sorcery” of their own, so as to be an easy match against humanity’s. The Nazzadi launched a full out attack, picking off the colonies along the way until they reached Earth. Putting their differences aside, the nations of Earth banded together and fought a desperate, six year war against the Nazzadi, until finally one of the elite first born realized that they had more in common with the humans then their Migou creators and revealed to the fleet that their whole culture was a lie.

The Nazzadi quickly turned against the Migou, shocked and devestated by this revelation. The few who remained loyal were dealt with quickly, considered blood traitors. The Nazzadi and humans became allies against the Migou, whose existence the Nazzadi revealed upon their shift of allegiance. Thus ended the First Arcanotech war.

When the Migou hive ship arrived in Earth’s orbit, humanity quickly realized that the Nazzadi threat had been a pittance compared to the Migou’s military might. The Migou quickly conquered and established beach heads along the northern and southern poles. The earth governments and the Nazzadi joined together, and became the NEG—The New Earth Government.

As humanity fights off the Migou hordes, ancient evils brew elsewhere. The Ancient Chaos God Nyarlahotep’s cult, the Children of Chaos, are an active power in the world, having slowly taken over the Chrysalis Corporation, a company second only in power to the Ashcroft Corporation, which discovered D-engine technology. With evil, shape shifting monsters as their agents, they’re doing everything in their power to bring the Old Ones, ancient, alien entities that once ruled the earth millions of years ago, back to life.

They’ve already resurrected Hastur, the King in Yellow, an ancient, evil being whose only goal seems to be bringing madness and destruction to the world. Unleashing a demon storm of both monsters and men too mad to be considered men any longer across Asia, his Rapine Storm, as they are called, have swept across and taken over much of China. The Storm is lightning quick, insatiable and terrifying, and the NEG are barely holding the line as they desperately fight to keep these fearless, awful creatures from spreading any further.

On top of this, the Children of Chaos have contacted the Deep Ones, a race of deep sea beings millions of years old, who once were the people of Cthulhu, the greatest and most terrible of the Old Ones. Although Cthulhu sleeps the sleep of death in the lost city of R’lah, the Children of Chaos believe that if they can find the lost city, they can bring Cthulhu back to life. And if that happens, there won’t be a thing humanity can do to stop it—Arcanotechnology or not. The Cult of Cthulhu, known as The Order of Dagon, prepares for this day by conquering the oceans and building up their armies through systematic kidnapping and forced breeding with humans. The oceans are theirs now, undisputed. The NEG, already stretched thin fighting the Migou and the Rapine Storm, have taken a policy of containment against the Order of Dagon.

With Mechs, magic, and a few ancient horrors of their own, humanity desperately wages a war of many fronts. While hope is high among the citizens of the New Earth Government, the people up top and the soldiers on the front lines know the ugly truth of the Aeon War…

Humanity is losing.

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